30 Aug

Hello to all you prospective venues.

We all know just how hard for everyone the year 2020 has been so far. As we start to come out of lockdown and move a little more freely, we here at Skabucks are back in the game. venues are starting to host events and of course are doing it in line with all recommendations from our Government.

So, if you are interested in hosting a gig, or indeed letting us use your venue for a live stream gig to the World, please do get in touch. Your venue would be splashed all over the country, ( and indeed the World, if the last live streams are anything to go by). Take the opportunity to play host to Skabucks, A club, Pub or indeed anyone with enough space to hold us and our equipment. We set up, sound check and go live on line at a given time, everyone logs on to join us and we advertise the s**t out of your place, simple…..

Get in touch if you would like a visit and we will see what can be done. Cheers all.

Skabucks train.

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